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Passion in the Kitchen at an early age

We believe in cooking with the tropical benefits associated with tropical greenery blossoming in the gardens


We are a family owned business, here to serve you a variety of mouthwatering Jamaican cuisine. We are dedicated and passionate about delivering authentic flavours and memorable dining experiences. It is out of dedication to service and family values that has inspired us to launch Sunshine Eats, Jamaican restaurant. We are continuing something that our parents, and grandparents started many years ago. For my mother, it was the love of people and her interactions with everyone that she had encountered with.  Both of my parents loved to cook, my dad's specialty was baking cornmeal and sweet potato pudding and fried festivals before festivals became famous. He used to make his own natural juices like soursop, carrot juice, Irish moss & linseed etc. 

Our inspiration comes from my parents who are hard-working pioneers in their own business venture; this is what catapulted the idea for establishing a restaurant with my family. My son is a chef with over 25 years of experience, our hope is to cater to the needs of our customers as we grow to incorporate new delicacies to their varied delights. We all love to cook and now we will get the opportunity to share something that we love and enjoy doing.

We want to create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and a relaxed vibe that most Jamaicans are known for. Welcome to Sunshine Eats!


This is the space to introduce visitors to the creative and flavorful tastes of Sunshine Eats. Our Chef's are skilled, passionate and able to create top notch dishes on the fly if needed! Come in and treat your taste buds to true Jamaican Island Flavours. It's worth a ride to St. Catharines!

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